22 January 2013

You know what’s right about the below video? How about absolutely everything! 

It has cute kittens, adorable puppies, and Abba. Really, what else is there ?

It’s Chooseday Tuesday and I hadn’t decided which charity to pick from the ever-growing list that readers of Causes & Effect have mentioned. Then, my friend Liane sent me a link to this clip made by the Wake County SPCA as a possible recipient of my $10 donation and it was game on. Paws up for the Wake County SPCA!

What Liane didn’t know, and what made it even better for me, is that I grew up in Raleigh, N.C., which is in Wake County, so this clever video was produced by my hometown animal shelter. 

It turns out the Wake County SPCA made the video more than 9 months ago, but Jezebel picked it up today and we hope the added exposure has donations pouring in. According to its website, the SPCA of Wake County helps more than 17,000 animals in need every year.

How has someone not used Abba’s “Take A Chance on Me” to promote animal adoption before?  (They probably haven’t because they can’t get the rights. We know this clip most likely violates all kinds of copyright protection, but c’mon.. no one’s making money off of this clip).

In addition to the adorable animals (every time you watch it, you’ll notice more critters, including the cute pit bull mix in the wading pool with a life preserver...and yes, we know you’ll be watching it more than once),  the volunteers are pretty cute too.  I’ve volunteered at animal shelters in New York and Los Angeles, and we were all committed to the cause, but I’m not sure any of us would have gone to this length and we certainly weren’t as coordinated. Check out the woman on the skateboard at the end. That’s dedication. 

The comments on Jezebel are pretty amusing... especially the ones asking if some of the handsome men are up for adoption.  I didn’t even notice them I was so entranced by little Chance, the puppy at the end. 

Watching this clip will make your day... and the forever home that some of the animals in this video undoubtedly found made theirs. What a win-win.

Thanks, Liane.

Jan. 22  Wake County SPCA http://www.spcawake.org/site/PageServer


  1. They actually did this quite a while back and had to take it down due to not having the rights. Apparently it all worked out - I talked about this video when I took the How to Start an Animal Sanctuary at Best Friends Animal Society in November. I think it's just brilliant and I hope it brings them tons more donations!

  2. Lisa- Hi! Thanks for the update! I'm glad they got it cleared... that must have taken some work! It's so well done and great camera angles. I wonder who adopted little Chance (who would not be so little anymore!).