08 January 2013

Welcome to Tango Tuesday! I’m a week in to writing Causes & Effect and it has already become such a rewarding, joyous experience. I know I’m still in the honeymoon phase. We’ll see how I feel next week when I have to pay my quarterly taxes. That’s usually good for turning me into a miserly tightwad for a few days and a temporary Tea Partier (just kidding on the last part). Hey, at least I’ll have a big charitable deduction when I file my 2013 taxes!

 So what is Tango Tuesday? The most gratifying part of my little experiment so far has been the overwhelming support and encouragement I’ve received from friends. I asked for people to suggest organizations they like and the running list has grown at such a rapid pace that I’m starting Tango Tuesday to celebrate our one-week anniversary.

 Here’s how it works: Every Tuesday, I’ll make a donation to a charity that one of you has suggested. If I pick your charity, I’ll make the donation in your name (if the website allows it) and name you here (probably just by first name in my blog).

 It takes two to tango, hence the name. Get it?

 The first donation goes to Together We Bake, an Alexandria-Va.-based organization that offers workforce training and personal development to women in transition through a micro-baking business. Run in conjunction with Friends of Guest House, TWB teaches women in need of a second chance about food production, baking instruction, food safety, packaging and delivery, and customer service, according to TWB’s website. The idea is to not only give them the skills to find employment in the food-service area, but the self-esteem to go with it that can translate into any industry they choose.

 I’m making the donation in my friend Cathy’s name to thank her for coming up with the name for Causes and Effect (and a million other reasons). She works closely with TWB, which was co-founded by her friend (and now mine) Stephanie Wright.

 If you haven’t made your suggestion yet, either send make it on FB or leave a comment below. We’ve got 51 weeks to go!

 Jan. 8: Together We Bake http://www.togetherwebake.org/


  1. The charity I recommend is called Touch Em All it was founded by Garth Brooks in 1999.
    The purpose of the Foundation is to contribute financial resources to selected non-profit organizations that effectively serve and benefit children with an emphasis on health, education and inner city services. The Foundation will enlist the participation of Major League Baseball players who contribute a predetermined sum based upon selected categories of on-field performance.

  2. JoAnn-- That's a great one! I'm aware of that one, but hadn't put it down on my list-- it will now have your name attached to it. They do tremendous good,especially with playgrounds and hospitals.

    Thank you for reading!

  3. You are very welcome! I found out about your blog from Producer Joyce. She works for Sirius XM and is a fellow Garth Nutt!!