24 January 2013

It’s day 24 and I’d be lying if I didn’t wonder what I’ve gotten myself into. What was I thinking when I gave myself no days off for 365 days?

There’s part of me that wants to backtrack and change my own mandate and give myself weekends off from the blog, but I’m not going to (I realize today is Thursday, but I can see the weekend from here). 

What I’m quickly beginning to realize is that giving away the money is the easy part. It’s the rest that’s difficult: picking an organization that has some resonance to me and finding the time to write about it.  If I wanted to simply give away $10/day for 365 days, I could do that and not blog about it. Or every day I could merely list the name and link to the charity I’d chosen on my blog. But I want this to be more than that.  It already feels like its own little community and I’m enjoying the give and take that I’m having with people about it immensely. Today I got a long email from someone suggesting a charity and I was so touched that they took the time to really explain why this organization would be such a great choice for me to give to. And they were right. 

Still...I have a lot of travel coming up and it’s hard to think how I’ll navigate all that. I don’t know if it’s kosher to decide in advance which charity I’m giving to and to write about it a few days in advance. No one would know but me, but it feels like it might not be following the spirit of what I intended to do. However, if that’s what it takes to keep it going, that’s something to consider. 

Anyway, thinking that I will be doing this for 341 more days without a break feels a little indigestible. Maybe it’s because I’ve had an exceptionally busy week and with a trip, the Grammys, and another trip coming up, I can’t really see daylight. 

Here’s the thing, I’m reminding myself I’m going to just take it one day at a time (as if there were really any other way). Some posts are going to be better than others. Some choices are going to feel more relevant and heartfelt to me than others...again, not that anyone else will know that.  But I don’t ever want this to feel rote to me. 

Today I’m giving my $10 to PBS SoCal since that helps me relax and unwind.  I’m love “Downton Abbey,” but I watch a lot more on PBS than that. In fact, I feel a little bit like a freeloader since I view so much on PBS  and yet haven’t given money to it in quite some time. I’m getting off cheap giving PBS only $10. PBS deserves that much every week simply for how much pleasure I get out of my crush on Mr. Bates. 

Jan. 24: PBSSoCal http://www.pbssocal.org/

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