04 January 2013

Yesterday was a historic day: 20 women took the oath of office to become U.S. senators. That’s the highest number yet. Another 80 women are now in the House of Representatives. GIRL POWER!

So in honor of the sisterhood and to keep the momentum going while training the next generation of leaders, I picked Step Up Women’s Network, a non-profit that empowers teen girls from under-resourced communities by pairing them with professional women. Today’s leaders help train the leaders of tomorrow through after-school and weekend programs, as well as one-on-one mentoring. The 15-year old program doesn’t stop there. It continues the learning curve by hosting professional development workshops for women.

Step Up is a national organization with offices in Los Angeles, Chicago and New York. 

I bet Step Up gets bi-partisan support!

I'll be back with a new cause on Saturday. Between now and then, I hope to teach myself how to create a calendar-style lead in. Maybe I can find a mentor.

Jan. 4: Step Up Women's Network http://www.suwn.org/

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