29 January 2013

It’s Chooseday Tuesday! That's the day that I pick a charity that someone else has suggested and make the donation in their name.

I’m sitting on my sofa in the comfort of my home and the closest I’m coming to heavy lifting is hitting a few keystrokes while I type in my credit card for today’s $10 gift.

That will not be the case for Tom and his daughter next month when they will be among 16 members of Larchmont (N.Y.) Avenue Church traveling to the Dominican Republic to dig and lay the foundation for a new school for 4th-6th graders. The school will also hold adult literacy classes and function as a community center for the town of Caimonial. The group will also work on an organic nursery farm. 

I found out about Tom’s trip when he posted about it on Facebook. Tom is a big executive at a radio station chain, but despite an impressive title, he’s always been known as one of the good guys, who shoots straight. I interviewed him occasionally when I was at Billboard and he was, and remains, one of those people that other folks talk fondly about. 

When he posted about the trip, I instantly added it to my list because these kinds of church mission trips, as opposed to the kind that focus solely on evangelizing, really exemplify what being a Christian is about: helping your neighbor, whether that neighbor is across the street or in the Caribbean. And regardless of one’s religious beliefs, it’s never too soon to teach kids the importance of giving back. 

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