26 May 2013

This weekend, I’m giving to causes that support war veterans this in honor of Memorial Day.  Friday, I donated to Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of War. Yesterday’s $10 went to Paralyzed Veterans of America. 

Today, I’m giving to National Military Family Association. Founded in 1969, during Vietnam, the NMFA runs programs to “strengthen and protect Uniformed Services families,” according to its website.  Among the issues it fights for are child care for military families, accessible health care, help for military spouses looking for work, and support for widow and widowers. 

NMFA also runs a scholarship fund that has helped more than 2,500 military spouses continue their education. Additionally, NMFA has sent more than 45,000 children to Operation Purple, a summer camp for kids whose parents have been deployed. 

 Time and time again, as I’ve been writing about veterans organizations this weekend (and in previous blogs this year), it’s been a bitter reminder that these organizations are fighting for the very basic of rights for any American, and the fact that men and women who have served our country are not guaranteed these rights is an abomination. Our treatment of veterans is a national disgrace. 

The home page links to a suicide prevention lifeline and a domestic violence organization, as realistic awareness of the troubled hearts many Vets have upon their return.

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146 down, 219 to go

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