05 May 2013

I remember visiting Tipitina’s on one of my first trips to New Orleans more than 20 years ago. I don’t remember who was playing in the club, probably some local Zydeco band, which narrows it down to 1000 or so, but I do remember dancing and sweating and drinking the night away. And laughing.  

It’s called The Big Easy for a reason. If you try to rush things, the locals just laugh at you. New Orleans, whether it’s because of the heat and humidity or southerness, is meant to be savored. If you’re in a hurry, just stay home. 
I didn’t fit in a trip to Tipitina’s this time and that’s just one reason I’m sad my time in New Orleans is coming to an end. 

I’ve been at Jazz Fest when it’s been 95 degrees and 95% humidity and it was miserable. My friend and I would go into the kid’s music tent and lie down in the back like hobos in a boxcar to get away from the heat and sleep. My pavement and the rubber on my sneakers were both melting. 

That wasn’t the case this year which most folks believe was the coolest Jazz Fest on record and it was certainly the coldest it’s been when I’ve been in New Orleans. It was low 60s and cloudy or raining for Thursday and Friday and sunny and low 70s on Saturday and Sunday. Rain or shine, the music was great. 

Music flows through New Orleans like the Mississippi River and Tipitina’s is part of that. The Tipitina’s Foundation supports school music programs in New Orleans through a variety of ways, including its Instruments A Comin’ benefit concert and battle of the bands. So far, Tipitina’s has raiased more than $2.5 million worth of musical instrumentsfor more than 75 schools. 

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125  down, 240 to go

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