11 May 2013

Everyone needs a good advocate and dogs are no exception. Today’s Los Angeles Times had a great story about Downtown Dog Rescue, an innovative non-profit run  primarily by volunteers that rescues dogs and keeps them out of the South L.A. shelter, which is a kill shelter. 

Working primarily in South Central neighborhoods like Compton and Watts, Downtown Dog Rescue offers solutions when the owners often feel there are none. For example, Downtown Dog Rescue will pay for and build a fence if the dog keeps disturbing the neighbors. If someone is moving into an apartment and can’t afford the pet deposit, Downtown Dog Rescue will pay for it. Even as simple a move as paying for a rabies shot can keep a pet from being separated from its owner and ending up in a shelter.

The volunteers at Downtown Dog Rescue work with the owners to try to keep owner and pet together: the goal is to keep the pet out of the kill shelter by all means possible. Even if the owner must get rid of the pet, Downtown Dog Rescue will find a foster family until an adoption can take place. 

Downtown Dog Rescue also finds low-cost medical options for sick pets through working with a wide network of vets. Additionally, DDR partners with the Found Animals Foundation, which pays the executive director’s salary, as well a other rescue and foster groups.

Its motto is “Downtown Dog Rescue believes in second chances” because we all deserve a second chance, especially our four-legged friends. 

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