15 May 2013

Sisters are the best. Or, at least, mine is. She’s been here visiting me for the past five days and leaves tomorrow. I already feel sad. 

As it is with most people who come to L.A., she wanted to go to the beach, so we spent some time there yesterday. It’s always fun to show the city to people who don’t live here. Having grown up and lived on the east coast for much of my life, I still have a bit of that east coast snobbery, but that evaporates when I travel around L.A. showing visitors the different neighborhoods, so many of which have very distinct personalities. The fact that the weather was, as usual, perfect, didn’t hurt. 

We didn’t go to any of the usual tourist places, instead opting to spend time with friends. She even took time to smudge my home with sage to clear out any bad energy just in case there’s any lingering from before I moved in. We’ll see if I can tell a difference. 

It was the Pacific Ocean that captivated her the most so when I asked her to pick the charity for today, she wanted to give to one that protected the oceans. So we picked Oceana, an international organization focused on ocean conservation. The idea is to restore our oceans to their healthiest abundance to all forms of life can thrive. Later this year, my sister and I will be staying at a place on the Atlantic Ocean. Maybe we can hit all seven of them. 

May 15: Oceana

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