28 September 2013

Paws Up for the Pet Pantry

We’ve all seen stories time and time again about how people who have lost their jobs or are struggling financially have to make the heartwrenching decision to take their beloved pet to a shelter and plead for someone to take care of it because they can’t deal with one more mouth to feed. 

I’ve heard of people who have lost their houses or have had to downsize into apartments and they couldn’t find ones that would accept pets.

The Pet Pantry hopes to help people caught in tough times. An off-shoot of the Pet Rescue Center in Orange County, California, the Pet Pantry will provide down-on-their-luck, unemployed, and elderly  pet owners with food, litter and other necessities for their four-legged friends (or two, since they include birds).

On the second Saturday of every month, the Pantry will distribute these items free to those in need. Donations from pet stores and other businesses stock the Pet Pantry. Additionally, the program has received grant funding, according to a post on LAist.com 

As Pet Rescue Center Blythe Wheaton tells the website the people who may need the program are the ones who also need the comfort that their animal so freely give. “Pets provide love and companionship in good times and bad,” she said. “People need that these days.” 

Sept. 28: Pet Pantry 

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