08 September 2013

Drink Up

Today is my friend John’s birthday. I met John through Liberty Hill Foundation, the organization for which I’m proud to serve on the board of directors. I knew John’s wife before I knew John but hadn’t known they were married. They’re an awesome pair, together and individually. 

As I’ve navigated my way through learning how to be on a non-profit board (actually, any board) and serve on committees and play well with others in this new setting, John has been invaluable. I've gleaned tips from observing how he addresses issues in meetings and how he artfully makes his point without ever making someone feel diminished even if he completely disagrees. He also looks at challenges from angles that most of us didn’t think of and adds a depth to the debate. And, just as importantly, if he doesn't have anything to add, he stays silent. I've learned from Liberty Hill one of the most valuable components to being a team player is to ask yourself WAIT: "Why Am I Talking?"

Between John and his wife, I’m convinced there is no one they don’t know in the worlds of entertainment and politics and they are always willing to share their connections for the greater good. 

So today, John posted on Facebook about what a nice day he was having and that he looked forward to starting another year of doing his part to make the world a better place. Among the three charities he listed as his favorites were Liberty Hill, Charity Water and Oxfam America.  So today, in  John’s honor (and because I’ve already given to Liberty Hill), I’m donating to Charity Water. I met some folks from Charity Water at a great think-tank dinner John and Liz hosted and was so impressed with their singularity of their mission —”to bring clean and safe drinking water to every person on the planet”— and the creative ways Charity Water goes about reaching its goals. Scott Harrison started Charity Water in 2006 and his story—from night club and fashion event promoter to starting Charity Water —shows the difference that one person can make with a clear heart.  

Sept. 8: Charity Water

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