15 September 2013

And the rains came down...

I’ve been at the beach in North Carolina for a week now and being by the water has been so restorative. 

It’s shocking to see that at the same time I’m feeling so healed by water, in Colorado it is wreaking havoc from the non-stop rains and flooding. I purposefully haven’t watched the news or any video of the destruction since I’m on a semi-news black out while I’m on semi-vacation, but I’ve seen enough photos and read enough headlines to get some idea of the mayhem and that there are hundreds of people still missing and 1,000 are waiting to be evacuated. I did read a New York Times piece about two 19-year olds who were swept away when they left their car to try to get help. Their two friends survived. It was horrifying.

These rains seem biblical and they haven’t stopped. It’s such a reminder that nature will always have the upper hand. 

There are many charities that are lending a helping hand to those in Colorado. I've chosen to give to United Ways Foothills, which is aiding people in Boulder and Broomsfield counties. 

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