03 February 2013

So it would appear there’s a big game starting very shortly. I easily ignore pro football all season long and then I drop in during the playoffs. Growing up in North Carolina, we didn’t have a professional team until the Carolina Panthers came along and I was long gone by then, so I never felt any allegiance to any professional team. 

The Titans weren’t in Nashville when I went to school there, so Chicago was the first place I lived with a pro team... da Bears!...and, as you may have heard, Los Angeles can’t get its act together to get a pro team so it’s not anything I care about. 

Today I’m rooting for the Baltimore Ravens because my best friend’s father really loves them and they have the player on whom “The Blind Side” was based, Michael Oher. As you can see, if that’s my criteria, I really don’t have anything invested in who wins. 

Still, I wanted to give to a football-related charities. I went to the NFL Foundation, but they don’t accept private donations from individuals like me. I went to the Panthers site, and same thing. 

So instead, I donated to the Brain Trauma Foundation. So many football players are suffering from brain damage from one too many concussions and other blows to the head and it’s fascinating to see how the NFL tries to dance its way through this one and donate $30 million to the National Institutes of Health for brain injury research, while not accepting responsibility for all the players who are brain damaged. 

Here’s hoping everyone gets through today’s game in one piece. 

Feb. 3: Brain Trauma Foundation: https://www.braintrauma.org/

34 down, 331 to go!

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