23 February 2013

Earlier this week, I went to a listening party to hear John Fogerty’s new album, “Wrote A Song For Everyone,” which comes out in May.  Similar to Lionel Richie’s recent hit album, “Tuskegee,” Fogerty has remade a number of his solo and Creedence Clearwater Revival hits with acts like Foo Fighters, My Morning Jacket, Brad Paisley, Miranda Lambert and others. 

Fogerty told stories about each song before we heard it, including one about “Bad Moon Rising,” which he said is about “the ominous emotions in my life.” As most songwriters will tell you, they may write a song about one thing, but after it goes out into the world, listeners bring their own interpretations to the material.

He had donated a hand-written copy of the lyrics for an auction at his children’s school and a man came up to him and told him he’d served in Vietnam and every night before they went patrolling for the VietCong, they would blast that song.  As any major Fogerty fan knows, while opposed to the war in Vietnam, he has been a great supporter of Vietnam vets and played a number of concerts to raise money for vets. It’s a cause that’s very close to his heart. 
While so much attention is being given to returning Afghanistan and Iraq vets (and deservedly so, but it’s still not enough), many Vietnam vets still need help. Today’s $10 goes to Vietnam Veterans of America. Founded in 1978, VVA assists Vietnam veterans and their families in myriad ways, including helping them find health care and advocate on their behalf. 

Feb. 23: VVA

54 down, 311 to go.

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