22 February 2013

As if we in Los Angeles didn’t have enough to worry about with the constant fear of falling into the ocean from The Big One, now we have a TB outbreak. 

The outbreak is the largest in a decade, according to the Los Angeles Times, and we have a strain that’s totally unique to us, which feels odd for a town built on imitation.  

Right now, the most vulnerable are the homeless people around Skid Row, but the fear is that the disease will spread beyond that area.  The county health department is advising all homeless shelters to screen clients. I hope that doesn’t lead to their turning people away. 

Today’s $10 goes to the Los Angeles Mission, which has been helping the homeless since 1936. It is much more than a shelter; it runs an Urban Training Institute and job placement service, among many other services.
$2.03 provides an individual with food and water, but need is great for much more than that. According to LA Mission’s website, it will serve more than 500,000 meals this year, more than any year in its 77-year history.  

53 down, 312 to go

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