07 February 2013

It’s been a strange day in Los Angeles and all of Southern California. If you’ve seen the news, you know there’s a massive manhunt going on for Christopher Dorner, an ex-cop who has killed three people, including a police officer, as well as wounding two other cops. 

In a manifesto, Dorner said he is targeting police officers, apparently bitter over being fired from the Los Angeles Police Department. Aside from blanketing the news, there are electronic billboards up all over the area about Dorner, asking if you see him to call a special number.  I’ve never seen those advertise a manhunt before.

He was last believed to be in Big Bear Lake, which is about 100 miles from Los Angeles, where his burnt out truck was found. Cops are conducting a door-to-door search there. I’ve lived her for more than a decade and I don’t remember anything causing quite such a stir.

It must be very strange for the cops to be hunting down one of their former fellow police officers, and to be aware that he probably knows all the tactics they’re going to use to try to track him down. 

Today’s $10 goes to the National Assn. of Police Athletic/Activities League. I was looking for some kind of LAPD charity to donate to, but couldn’t find one on the site. PAL offers a wide breadth of almost 90 activities from after school care to roller hockey to fishing and rugby to keep kids off the streets (it did strike me as a little weird that they offer a rifle program...) They build a bond between the police and kids in many neighborhoods where the cops are seen as the enemy. Their motto is “It’s better to build youth than mend adults.” 

Feb. 7: National Assn. of Police Athletic/Activities: http://www.nationalpal.org/

38 down, 327 to go!

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