20 April 2013

The most iconic image from the Boston Marathon bombings, or certainly the one that sticks in my mind, is of Jeffrey Bauman being rushed to an ambulance, his legs blown off, and his arteries pinch together by good Samaritan Carlos Arredondo.

It shows the absolute horror of the moment and the devastation caused by the bombings, but also the kindness of strangers. As you know, Arrendondo, whose own story is a movie waiting to happen, rushed in to help, assisting the medical team.

Bauman, who was cheering on his girlfriend from the sidelines,  played a huge role in helping the FBI identify the suspects from his hospital bed. He helped put together the puzzle that led to their capture.

Bauman’s family members have started a campaign to help cover his medical costs. In addition to being treated for the loss of both his legs, he is also being treated for severe burns from the bombs and damage to his vision. 

In addition to giving money, the family also provides an address to send letters and well wishes to Bauman.

Today’s $10 goes to Bauman’s YouCaring account. With YouCaring, 100% of the money goes to the recipient (administrative costs are covered by donors who give specifically for that purpose). Plus, the money is handed over as it is received, not in a lump sum after the desired total is reached. In Bauman’s case, his family is asking for $30,000. 

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