19 April 2013

Like everyone, I’m still feeling a little shell shocked from this week’s events. It was a truly horrible week between the Boston Marathon bombing, the West, Texas fertilizer plant explosion (which didn’t get enough attention, as  far as I’m concerned), the Senate’s devastating (for many of us) vote against gun control, the wacko in Mississippi who sent ricin to the President and a senator... it just didn’t seem to end. 

But end, hopefully, it has with one of the Boston bombers shot dead and the other discovered, injured but still alive, hiding in a boat in someone’s back yard Friday night. Hey, if I knew of a fund to buy citizen hero David Henneberry a new boat, I’d be donating to that.

But before the Boston horror spree concluded, it had another horrible chapter, this time on the campus of MIT.

The suspects, two brothers, shot policeman Sean Collier in his car. The 26-year old had only been on the force a little more than a year. 

Following his death, students set up a Sean Collier Memories Tumblr, which has some lovely stories about him, including how excited he was about his new pick-up truck, because it had room to take his friends on the outdoor adventures he loved. 

MIT set up a fund for Collier’s family, but they have asked that all funds raised in his memory go to The Jimmy Fund at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute in Boston. 
The Jimmy Fund raises money for adult and pediatric cancer care. It is the official charity of the Massachusetts Chiefs of Police Assn., and has been around since 1948.

Even in death, Collier is trying to protect and serve others. 

April 19: The Jimmy Fund

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