24 April 2013

On April 19, I wrote that if people were raising money to get David Henneberry a new boat, I was in. 

So today came word from BuzzFeed that a CrowdTilt campaign has launched to raise $50,000 for just such a purpose. As you know, Henneberry is the Watertown, Mass. boat owner who noticed something askew with his boat tarp during last week’s manhunt for the second Boston Marathon bombing suspect and it turns out Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, injured, was hiding inside.  Henneberry called the police, leading to Tsarnaev’s capture, but not before police riddled the Slipaway II with bullets.

Of course, the unknown here is if Henneberry’s insurance on the boat will cover the damage. Not that it matters. I have no problem with giving this accidental hero $50,000 just for doing the right thing. 

By the way, if you go to the BuzzFeed page, the comments are fascinating, ranging from outrage that people would raise money for a boat instead of donating to someone hurt in the bombing (not sure why it should be either/or) to people suggesting that he sell the boat on eBay or turn it into some kind of memorial to the people hurt and killed in the bombing. My favorite is someone’s very smart suggestion that the boat manufacturer give him a new one and reap all the free publicity that would come with such an act. 

Regardless, I’m in for $10.

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114 down, 251 to go

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