13 April 2013

I have an inordinate member of friends on Facebook who post pictures of animals about to be put down. It gets to be a bit overwhelming at times, but I haven’t hidden any of them because it’s a reminder of how many animals need good homes and how vital it is to neuter pets as soon as possible. 

I’ve volunteered at two no-kill shelters and loved the experience both times, but was disheartened by how much animal abuse still goes on. At the Humane Society in New York, we’d get animals that had been hit with shovels or been damaged in myriad ways by cruel and disturbed humans. Technically,  I was there to “socialize” the animals to prep them for adoption, but in truth, I just got to play with the kittens and puppies and I’m sure it was much better therapy for me than for them. Total fuzz therapy.

My pets since I’ve graduated from college have all come from shelters and I can’t contemplate adopting a new member of the family in any other way. Plus, now even if you want a purebred, there seems to be a rescue organization devoted to almost every breed. I know it’s probably anthropomorphizing on my part, but I swear that animals that are rescued know it and spend the rest of their lives in their forever homes showing their appreciation. 

Someone posted this picture on Facebook today through an animal site called Friends of Freddie and it broke my heart. This baby doesn’t even have a name that we know of. I hope she finds a home. She’s at the Devore Shelter in Devore, Calif. in San Bernadino County. She’s up for adoption starting 4/14. I couldn’t bring myself to look at how much time she has. That's the face of a dog that knows her life is on the line, but still has hope. There are also some German Shepherd rescues on the case, so I have to believe she'll at least find her way into a foster home. If my place allowed dogs, I'd be first in line tomorrow. If you can help, her ID # A557333.

Today’s $10 goes to Animals are First Fund (ARFF), a non-profit that supports the San Bernadino County Animal Care & Control Program, and focuses on promoting spaying and neutering animals.

April 13: ARFF

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