20 October 2013

This is What Love Looks Like

There are times when writing this blog makes me despair- at least momentarily- because I’ll pick a cause where the need seems overwhelming. For example, when I write about domestic abuse or animal abuse or almost any situation dealing with children who are not having their needs met. Even though I’m always pointing toward an organization that is dedicated to making the situation better, it still gets me down sometimes that it feels like such an uphill climb on so many fronts. 
I know the gay rights battle is far from over, but it is one of the few examples I can think of from this year where light has absolutely triumphed over the dark. We still have people like Tea Party Unity founder Rick Scarborough talking about a class action suit against homosexuality, but voices like his and like those of the Westboro Baptist Church are increasingly growing fainter and fainter.
The most delightful thing I saw today was this video from the New York Times of two gay men, who after being together for 46 years,  raising a child and becoming grandparents, finally got hitched in New York City. 

The video is beautifully moving. We’ve gone from a time when Lewis Duckett and Billy Jones wrote love letters to each other changing genders to keep from getting caught while Jones was in the Army in Vietnam  to where they are lovingly and joyously celebrated as they exchange vows at The Riverside Church, as their son walks them down the aisle.
Your heart will soar with happiness while you watch this video. Married now for three months, they only have 3 1/2 more years to go to hit their golden anniversary.
Lambda Legal, founded in 1973, was the nation’s first legal organization devoted to fighting for full equality for the LBGT community and while Lambda has been joined by many other non-profits in the first, they remain one of the leaders. It’s most recent victory came last week when the New Jersey Supreme Court upheld a lower court’s ruling denying the State of New Jersey’s request to postpone allowing same-sex marriages. 
Oct. 20: Lambda Legal

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