10 October 2013


When children are sick, so much emphasis goes into their physical care that it’s hard to remember that they’re still kids and they need to be able to act like that. 

The Art of Elysium hasn’t forgotten. The Los Angeles chapter lets sick kids forget about their illness for awhile or find new ways to express their emotions about being ill. 

Actors, artists, and musicians volunteer their time to provide workshops with children with serious medical conditions. They teach them to express themselves through writing, art, comedy, fashion, acting and many more. 

Founded in 1997, the volunteers who work with Art of Elysium know that teaching and allowing a child to express him or herself through the arts offers a kind of healing that no doctor can provide and, often, a sense of hope. 

Art of Elysium just held its fifth annual Genesis, a fundraising event that celebrates emerging artists. They hold other benefits throughout the year to raise money, including an annual fashion show, dubbed Heaven. 

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