13 October 2013

Baby Pandas...

Is there anything cuter than a baby panda? The answer is no, there is not. 

As you know, anyone who wants to visit the pandas at the National Zoo is out of luck because it is closed as part of the government shutdown as are its live animal cams). If there’s anything the country needs to make it collectively feel better (in addition to the end of the shutdown, of course) is a baby panda video. 

I don’t know why we’re all in love with panda babies. Maybe it’s that they are so tiny and grow into something so big. Maybe it’s because of the black rings around the eyes and the black ears. Or maybe it’s because they just look cuddly no matter how big they get and that a little bamboo seems to make them inordinately happy. 

Whether it was Butterstick a few years ago or Little Fatty, in this attached video (I agree with the anchorwoman, he’s all fluff, not fat), baby pandas are a sure day-brightener. The best part of this video is when he hides his face in the box. C'mon... it's almost too much cuteness.

The National Zoo had a blessed bundle arrive lately when Mei Xiang delivered a cub in August. Here she is setting down her six-day old baby, who is so, so tiny and hasn’t developed any markings yet, but sure has a set of lungs and knows it wants its mama to pick him/her back up. Precious.

Today’s $10 goes to the National Zoo. I have a feeling when the shutdown ends and, especially as we approach the 100-day unveiling of the new cub, the National Zoo is going to be a very popular place. 

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