16 November 2013

Batkid to the rescue...

Was there any story that made people feel better this week than Batkid? 

If you aren’t aware of the story yet, Miles Scott is a 5-year old who has battled leukemia since he was 18-months old. Now in remission, his dream was to be Batkid and help others. San Francisco went all in, with local media and government and volunteers planning a very special day for a very special little boy. 

With an adult Batman impersonator by his side, Batkid rescued a damsel in distress, stopped the Riddler from robbing a bank, and foiled the Penguin as he tried to kidnap the San Francisco Giants mascot, Lou Seal. 

Organized through Make-A-Wish Foundation, the caper drew an increasingly number of onlookers and a bigger and bigger cheering squad at every stop until up to 17,000 were watching as Batman and Batkid repeatedly saved the day and made the make-shift Gotham City safe for one and all. The San Francisco Chronicle distributed a special edition newspaper for the occasion with a byline by a certain Lois Lane... 
Here’s what I know for sure. Probably every one of those thousands of people who lined the streets to watch Batkid was a little kinder and a little nicer for the rest of the day. Kindness spreads exponentially and the web that Batkid spun was vast and touched everyone who witnessed his adventures or read about them and that makes him a true super hero. 

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