22 July 2013

You may not have heard the news because it’s not really making the rounds, but apparently, there’s a new royal baby. 

I was 35,000 feet up in the air when word came from Buckingham Palace that there was a new future boy king in town. The flight attendant went row to row asking us if we wanted to know if it was a boy or girl and then she whispered the baby’s sex to whomever wanted the news. 

How great was the official wording? It must be what the Royal Family has used for centuries:  “Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cambridge was safely delivered of a son at 4.24 p.m. today.”  “Was safely delivered?”  What kind of construction is that? 

There’s really no news yet other than Prince William is very happy, and mother and son are fine and Prince Harry is probably relieved that he’s even further from having to ever think he’ll be king so he can continue his antics. I expect the baby is already working on his royal wave and his “Heeeeelllllooooo!” I’m happy for them, but I’m a little bummed that it wasn’t a girl since the rules have changed and the new royal daughter would have been the free and clear heir to the throne no matter how many boys were born after her.

I caught an interview with the veddy veddy posh British Ambassador to the U.S., Peter Westmacott, who suggested if we wanted to show “our pleasure” at the news that we either go to the royal website and leave good wishes or make a donation to the children’s charity of our choice. 

My sister found a great charity that helps children who come into this world in conditions that are the extreme opposite of new Middleton-Wales baby.  Project Night Night donates 25,000 packages to homeless infants each year. According to its website, “Each Night Night Package contains a new security blanket, an age-appropriate children’s book, and a stuffed animal, all nestled inside of a new canvas tote bag.” 

The packages give a child something to call his or her own and provides some comfort in a very unstable time.  They’re pretty cute, aren’t they? 

Welcome to the world new royal baby: Prince George Andrew James Wales, or whatever your name is. May you have a long, healthy life.

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