12 July 2013

Indy the Pit Bull

Fair warning: This story will make you very angry. 

Some sick, seriously disturbed humans decided it would be fun to strap firecrackers to a dog’s legs on July 4. Remarkably, the dog, who has been dubbed Indy, survived. 

The beautiful, 3-year old pitbull was found wandering the streets in North Hollywood on July 5, scared, in pain, and very hurt. Vets aren’t sure of the details, but the wounds seem consistent with what the doctors feel were firecrackers attached to his body. He has severe punctures and burns. 

View more videos at: http://nbclosangeles.com.

Shelter Transport Animal Rescue Team (S.T.A.R.T.) is collecting donations to pay for Indy’s care. He’s had one surgery, but will have another on Saturday and still has a long recovery before he finds a forever home.

The sociopaths who did this probably won’t be found, but if they are, I hope they’re thrown in prison for a very, very long time. As studies show, many serial killers started out abusing animals. It’s hard to imagine this was a one-time incident.

In its two years in existence, S.T.A.R.T. has transported close to 3,500 animals from kill shelters in California to rescue shelters in Oregon, Washington, and Canada, where they live until they find homes. S.T.A.R.T. also pays for spay and neuter services. 

S.T.A.R.T.’s website has a lot of great information, but it also has links to most of the shelters it transports animals to, all of whom are looking for funding as well. 

July 12: S.T.A.R.T.

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