08 June 2013

I’m in Nashville covering CMA Music Fest. Aside from that extravaganza, the other big news story has dealt with music: The $123 million Schermerhorn Symphony Center, which opened in 2006 as the home to the Nashville Symphony, has been served with a foreclosure notice. It will go up for auction on June 28 if a rescue plan doesn’t evolve before then. 

If the Schermerhorn shuts down, the fate of the whole symphony is in question. Best case scenario, it finds a new home. Worst case, the symphony goes away, according to The Tennessean. 

As Nashville civic leaders have argued, preserving the symphony is good for not only classical music lovers, but for all of Nashville. An orchestra is a sign of a city that values the arts, above and beyond the financial contribution. A well-rounded metropolis offers its citizens a variety of means of artistic expression, not just the ones that serve the most people. 

Today’s $10 goes to the Nashville Symphony.  There are so many ways this could go before June 28 and the city and Symphony are in very active discussions with Bank Of America to figure out a solution. 

Let’s hope Music City has a symphony for years to come. 

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