20 June 2013

I don’t have air conditioning. I know that is a stunning admission to make, but I live in Los Angeles and there are probably only two weeks out of the year where it’s so hot that even with my fan, I feel like wilted lettuce. Otherwise, I’m fine. 

But it’s not fine if you live in a place like Austin, Texas, where it gets really hot and humid during the summer. And it’s really not OK if you’re elderly and you don’t even have a fan to help you and your pets through the high temperatures. 

June 21 is Fan Fare Friday at KGSR, the great local radio station. All day Friday,  KGSR and other outlets are participating in the Family Eldercare’s Summer Fan Drive. People can drop off fans they no longer need or donate money toward the purchase of fans for the elderly. A $30 donation buys two fans. 

The Summer Fan Drive began in 1990 and in its first year raised enough to buy 50 fans. Last year’s event brought in enough money to provide more than 5, 250 fans. This year, the program will distribute its 75,000th fan. 

People can drop off money or fans at Threadgills and the festivities start at 7 a.m. with a pancake breakfast and go to midnight with a concert featuring Will and Charlie Sexton. 

If, like me, you’re not in Austin, you can still donate online. Summer’s coming, in fact it starts on June 21. Help keep some senior cool this summer. 

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