31 August 2013

How Stupid Do They Think We Are?

A few days ago there was a story on the news about the heat that Kitson, a Los Angeles boutique that celebutantes like Paris Hilton helped make famous, is getting for selling shirts with the drug names Adderall, Vicodin, and Xanax on the back with a number, like a football jersey. 
I don’t know which is worse: that a retailer thinks it’s appropriate to push shirts that glorify prescription drug addiction or someone thinks it’s hip to wear such apparel.
In spin doctoring that you know the Kitson director of operations spouting the words didn’t even believe, she told KTLA that the shop wasn't glamorizing drug use, it was simply "holding up a mirror to what already exists in our culture." It’s hard to believe she was able to say that without her nose growing a foot. How stupid do they think we are? To show how serious Kitson is about helping people who may have Adderall, Vicodin or Xanax addictions, a portion of the proceeds from the sales of the shirts goes to The Medicine Abuse Project, helmed by Drugfree.org.
Now the prescription drug companies who own the patents on the drugs are threatening to sue Kitson since it doesn’t appear that the boutique received permission to use the drug names. Do you know how stupefyingly wrong you have to be to actually have people rooting against you and instead on the side of the pharmaceutical company? 
Plus, The Medicine Abuse Project said it doesn’t want any donation from Kitson, “while they flagrantly, and without remorse, continue to see these products,” in a statement (leaving the question open as to whether they are open to a donation once Kitson, inevitably, is forced to or willingly decides to stop selling the shirts). Furthermore, The Medicine Abuse’s Project statement says, “These products make light of prescription drug abuse, a dangerous behavior that is responsible for more deaths in the United States each year than heroin and cocaine combined.”
In fact, a news report stated that on any given day 70,000 teens getting outpatient treatment for substance abuse.
Today’s $10 goes to The Partnership at Drugfree.org, which helps families dealing with teen substance issues. 
Aug. 31: Drugfree.org

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